Terms and Conditions


When a booking is made by phone or through our website, we will request your name, home address, email address and contact telephone number(s), along with valid credit/debit card details or a minimum payment of the first night’s stay to reserve the room for the date booked. The card will not be charged unless you incur cancellation charges, see below.

When you make your reservation and it is confirmed in writing/email by Ceol Mor, a legal contract has been agreed between you and Ceol Mor, our cancellation policy is part of this contract (see below).

Check in any time from 4pm to 9pm. Please let us know in advance if you are arriving outside these times.

Check out is 10.00 am.

We are unable to accept cheques.

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express accepted.

We do not add a surcharge for card payments when settling the bill at time of departure.

Cash accepted.

No smoking anywhere inside Ceol Mor.

Pets by arrangement.

Cancellation Policy.

As we are a small business and have few letting rooms, cancellation at late notice or non arrival impacts greatly on us, so regrettably there is a cancellation policy in place. (To protect yourself you can ask us to provide a list of companies that provide holiday cancellation cover and we will be happy to provide this.)

If cancelled within 10 days of arrival             : 75% charge
If cancelled within 5 days of arrival               : Full charge

We will endeavour to re let the accommodation and liaise with you over this.