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Sutherland’s Beaches

On a visit to the Northern Highlands there are no shortage of beaches to explore. Whether you like long stretches of white sand, rock pools or turquoise seas, one thing common to all our highland beaches particularly on the North coast is how even in July and August you may be the only person about.

Here we have five beaches, one for each day of the working week and all to be found in Sutherland. There are of course many more and armed with a map you can do your own exploring and maybe find your favourite. The East coast, has many wonderful beaches too, quite different in character, but more of that another time..

Achmelvich Beach, Sutherland.

A popular and accessible beach
Durness, Sutherland

Achmelvich is many peoples' favourite beach in these parts and hands up it could be busy, as there is a campsite nearby, but the picture here  was actually taken on a beautiful sunny day in August a couple of years ago and very few people were about. This was definitely sunbathing and swimming weather. Do take note, yes, the sea is cold, but the water is clean and you can have a great, bracing time. A modest wet suit will take away some of the sting!

Oldshoremore and Polin Beach

Two beaches for the price of one
Polin Beach, Sutherland

Oldshoremore and Polin Beach are adjacent and if you time it right, at low tide, you can walk between the two. This picture was taken on a particularly pleasant day in July. Our collage of pictures on our Facebook page was taken in the second week of August after some particularly windy weather and we thought the waves would make for some great shots.

Sandwood Bay, Kinlochbervie, Sutherland

Reputedly the most beautiful beach in Britain
Sandwood Bay, Sutherland

Sandwood Bay was covered in one of our previous posts and probably needs most of a day to do it justice. It is a lovely 7km walk in and there is nothing to be disappointed about when you eventually arrive. Depending on the tides, a 1 mile stretch of golden sand enclosed with cliffs and a sea stack at one end. No facilities here, so don’t forget your picnic.

Balnakeil Beach

Cows grazing on the shoreline
Cows grazing on the shoreline

Balnakeil Beach near Durness is situated near Cape Wrath in the very north of Scotland. The beach is backed with dunes and is a lovely crescent shape. You may find yourself sharing the beach with a herd of cows (Aberdeen Angus of course)! 

All the above locations are just under a couple of hours away from us at Ceol Mor Bed and Breakfast and would make part of a great day out for exploring the North Coast, check out our rooms here and availability here